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This handy guide covers everything you need to know about getting into our campus buildings and staying safe while you are studying in Leeds.  We give you top tips about personal safety and security of your possessions as well as information about fire evacuations and first aid. 

Campus Security

There is always a member of our friendly security team in or around the main reception areas of our campus buildings. They check student and staff ID cards, and sign in all our visitors. You will also find that we have an extensive CCTV system which helps us ensure we are keeping everyone safe, but we still ask that you keep personal belongings with you and take care of your valuable items.

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Student ID Cards

Every student and member of staff has a photo ID card which they need to show on the way into the conservatoire. This helps us to keep our campus as secure as possible, so you will be asked to show it every time you come in.

The card also acts as a digital key to access various areas of the campus. You simply tap the card on the black box next to a door, which will beep and unlock. You may be asked to show your ID for other services like obtaining free and discount student tickets from the box office.

You will be asked to submit a photograph as part of your registration process. To get your Student ID card it is important that you sign up to an enrolment session where we will check your ID and issue the ID card.

Fire Evacuation 

Our campus has clear signage for fire evacuation and the fire alarms are tested regularly.  If you hear a fire alarm sound you must leave the room you are working in straight away. Do not go back for your belongings and meet at the muster point for the building you are in.  There will be fire marshals on duty to show you where to go if you are not sure. 

The fire alarms in Leeds Conservatoire buildings are tested on a weekly basis, and we hold regular drills to make sure everyone knows what to do, and that we know the system is working. 

First Aid

There is always a trained first aider on duty when our campus is open in case you or someone else becomes unwell or has an accident. There is a list of first aid contacts displayed in prominent places throughout the building. 

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Staying Safe While You Study

We want you to be able to relax and have a great time while you study in Leeds, so we have put together our top tips to help keep you and your valuables safe. 

Its important that you have an awareness of your surroundings, stay with other people if you can, especially at night, and avoid drawing attention to expensive items. 


Personal Safety Top Tips

  • Take care when out and about in Leeds at night. Try, if you can, to stick to busy, well-lit streets.
  • Look after your mates! Try to move around the city after dark in a group.  Don't leave people behind on a night out.
  • Don't flaunt your phone or other expensive devices as this could make you a target. Likewise, take care if you are wearing headphones, as you might not be able to hear people approaching.
  • Keep purses, wallets and other valuables out of view.
  • Walk towards oncoming traffic when out and about at night, so a car cannot pull up behind you when you are unaware.
  • Carry your keys in your pocket, not your bag. You can surrender your bag to any attacker as a way of getting away quickly and you won't have lost your keys.
  • If an attacker attempts to take something from you- let them. You are worth more than any gadget.
  • Always carry the number of a reputable taxi company or use a taxi booking app such as Uber or Amber Cars. You could pre-book a taxi for a particular time or use one of the Hackney carriages available from designated taxi stands across the city, and it's worth keeping some money to one side to ensure you can pay the fare. Try to share taxis with friends as its safer and cheaper!
  • Be careful when out drinking. Alcohol can lead to people losing their common sense when it comes to their personal safety.  Again, remember to look after your mates!
  • Keep an eye on your drinks in pubs and clubs and never leave your drink unattended as you could be at risk of having your drink "spiked". Don't accept drinks from people you don't know.
  • If you would like a personal attack alarm, we have a small number available to students in Student Services (room 401). Please come and see us if you feel you would like one.

If you have been a victim of crime and need support, speak to a Wellbeing Adviser in Student Services (room 401). 

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Keeping your valuables safe

Student accommodation can be very desirable for burglars, due to the number of high-value items (laptops, ipads, mobile phones etc) within the property but there are simple steps you can take to keep your belongings safe and secure.  


Securing Your Property Top Tips 

  • Close and lock doors even if you're only going out for a short time. It is advisable to keep doors and ground floor windows locked even if you are at home, to prevent 'sneak-in' burglars.
  • Avoid letting people follow you into your accommodation (even if they look like a student or member of staff) as you could be holding the door open for a burglar.
  • Take anything valuable home with you during the holidays.
  • Register any electrical goods such as mobile phones and laptops, as well as bikes and any other item with a serial number, on the UK National Property Register for free. Police check this database in the event stolen goods are recovered.
  • Use a UV pen to mark your property with your postcode. We advise that you use your family home address rather than your term-time address as this may change quite frequently.
  • If your phone is stolen, report it immediately to the police and your network provider (or call 0870 1123 123 to immobilise it). It helps to know your unique IMEI number of your handset. Enter *#06# into your keypad to access yours, and make a note of it.
    If you have been a victim of crime and need support, call into Student Services (room and 401) and speak to a Wellbeing Adviser.

Protecting your Assignments

One of your most valuable assets while you are a student is the work that you do, so you should ensure you back-up your coursework regularly, and keep it stored separately from your laptop either using cloud storage or an external storage device.


We strongly advise that you insure your personal belongings, particularly if you will be bringing musical instruments, equipment, a computer, TV, mobile phone and taking any of them out and about. It is worth checking what is covered on other policies you may have, including your parent/guardian’s policies and any add-ons you get with your bank account.

If you live in purpose-built student accommodation (for example, Joseph Stones House), you will generally get a basic insurance as part of the deal, but this will only cover your belongings whilst they are in your room or flat.

Endsleigh Insurance Services was set-up by the NUS and have policies for students at a reasonable cost.

Allianz Insurance offer specialist policies for musical instruments and accessories.

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