"Leeds is the perfect student city - its in its own bubble, away from the chaos of other cities. It makes you feel like you have all the time in the world and that anything is possible."

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Yvonne Han - BA (Hons) Music (Production)

Yvonne Han is a third year Music Production student who created the indie rock project The Sound of Modesty.

In the last year she has played in venues all across Leeds with her session band, been featured by Apple Music’s Creative Studios London programme, and will soon be releasing her debut concept album, the last single of which “A Perfect Blue II” is available to stream now.



Has your music / approach / technique changed at all since your first year?

Before I arrived at Leeds Conservatoire, I was set on approaching everything in a solo capacity, from the production to the writing and its performance. I had a change of perspective during my first year, I've met so many amazingly gifted people - my current session bandmates, producers and business folk who have helped me push my music way beyond my previous demo productions. When I have a new idea I always bounce ideas off my friends and producers, I look forward to being able to gig with my band!

What has been the most interesting project you have worked on so far?

My current debut album. I have released two singles from the project, thanks to the work of various friends and fellow students over the past year. I have also released three bonus singles separately from the album.

Is there anything that has really made you push yourself as a musician or anything new that you've not tried before?

Being surrounded by people who have the same level of commitment and passion for music is my biggest inspiration and drive. Whilst living in North London, I was only one of two music kids in my school. I'm now surrounded by such a massive musical community, it has really opened my eyes to so many opportunities; it has encouraged me to start my band, release music, do photoshoots / music videos with local photographers and videographers, start gigging and helped me embrace my love for music.

What sort of accommodation are you living in? What advice would you give to new students about accommodation?

Currently I live in a Unipol student flat in central Leeds. Last year I lived in Joseph Stones House, I can honestly say it is worth living alongside other musicians for your first year at least. I have met so many people and some of my closest friends during my time in student accommodation. I have had some of the unlikeliest collaborations because I was in the right place at the right time. If I could give any advice, it would be to make the most out of living around other musicians and be open-minded to meeting new people!


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What do you get up to outside of Leeds Conservatoire?

Outside of studying, I love to read poetry, classic literature and plays. I like to improve my photography skills at friends gigs. I enjoy writing poetry and stories, watching anime and movies, cooking and having a good time with friends!

Have you been involved in the SU / societies or other Leeds Conservatoire activities?

I have attended a few activities and events with the LGBTQ+ Society and The Earth Society! I enjoy getting to know people who share similar interests and beliefs!

What is the best thing about living and studying in Leeds?

I am lucky that I can compare my experience in Leeds to life in London; where I grew up and lived for the rest of my life. Leeds is such a hidden gem; it is my favourite thing about the city. There is such a rich local music scene in this city, with amazing hidden venues, and so many creatives that are ready to share their knowledge and passion. I would have never known about this had I not come here to study! Leeds is the perfect student city - its in its own bubble, away from the chaos of other cities. It makes you feel like you have all the time in the world and that anything is possible.

What advice would you give to a prospective student thinking of applying to your course?

I would have to say, come here with the understanding that everyone is at a different stage in their musical journey, whether they're just starting out or they've been doing it for years. Coming here from London, where I had no musical community, it can sometimes be overwhelming and easy to compare yourself with others. If, however, you remember what you want to achieve and you work with your peers in good spirit, you can accomplish so much.

How would you describe your experience at Leeds Conservatoire so far in three words?

No regrets. Period.

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