Hannah Butterfield

"There are some truly fantastic musicians here. Everyone is so ready to collaborate with one another and it means there are plenty of opportunities to work with great musicians and better yourself."

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Hannah Butterfield - BA (Hons) Music (Popular)

Hannah Butterfield is a singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland, currently in her second-year on our BA (Hons) Music (Popular) degree course.

What made you choose Leeds College of Music?

I initially looked at Leeds universities because I have some family who live here and I was first drawn to Leeds College of Music because it is a conservatoire. Personally I learn better through practicality rather than academia which conservatoires usually focus slightly more on.

I did a lot of research on LCoM, specifically the staff, history, facilities and alumni and I was really impressed. I was still unsure until I came and for my audition and I found that I loved the city and LCoM.

What is the most mind blowing thing you've learned so far at LCoM?

Just how high the standard of music is at LCoM is pretty mind blowing. Of course I knew the students would be talented because they don't just let anyone in, but there are some truly fantastic musicians here. Everyone is so ready to collaborate with one another and it means there are plenty of opportunities to work with great musicians and better yourself.

Is there anything that has really made you push yourself as a musician or anything new that you've not tried before?

I didn't have any vocal tutoring before I came here so it has been amazing to have someone who knows what they're talking about show me how to properly utilise my voice. I'm reaching notes I didn't think I'd ever reach, my breathing has improved a lot but there is still so much for me to learn so I'm working hard to keep getting better.

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Hannah performing live at Crosswire, recorded by Made In Leeds TV

What projects / performances have you worked on so far in your first year?

So far I've been in an ensemble band where we have been co writing songs and performing together. We recently played at The Wardrobe for our final performance assessment.

I've recorded in a couple of the LCoM studios for the production students' projects. I played a solo set at Crosswire which was fantastic. Some of the performers and I were interviewed and filmed by Made in Leeds which is pretty cool and everyone involved was really supportive.


What sort of accommodation are you living in? What advice would you give to new students about accommodation?

I'm living at Broadcasting Tower this year. It's a great place to live and I've had no issues, however I did try to get a place at Joseph Stones because it is right behind LCoM and most of the first years stay there. But I left booking it too late and missed out so the advice I would give is sort out where you are staying and book it early to ensure you get to live where you want to.

What do you get up to outside of LCoM?

I try to go to as many open mic nights as I can because in my experience it is a great way to get some gigs, people hear you, they ask if you can play etc etc. It's also a good way to stay fresh by performing as much as you can. I also go to a lot of gigs so I can get stuck into the Leeds music scene and see the local talent. Of course I do typical studenty (if that's even a word) things like going out, having a few drinks and hanging out with friends. I'm always writing songs, I like to read and I also like to run and indoor rock climb.

What is the best thing about living and studying in Leeds?

I can't really just choose one thing. I've lived in big cities and in small towns. Leeds is of course classed as quite a big city but it's got the feel of a small town. The people are friendly and there is a big student population. There's always something to do during the day and at night so I never find myself bored, and of course the music scene is brilliant.

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What advice would you give to a prospective student thinking of applying to your course?

I would advise coming to visit Leeds and specifically LCoM before you make your decision. Attend an open day if you can or just come and have a look around. I had my heart set on another university but came for my audition anyway and absolutely loved it here. It really took me by surprise just how much I liked it.

I was won over by the LCoM facilities, the staff and the course itself suit me perfectly. Really just research the course properly and make sure it's the right one for you.

How would you describe your experience at LCoM so far in three words?

Challenging, rewarding, exciting.

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