Top Tips for Becoming a PR Consultant in the Music Industry with Shona Galletly

By Shona Galletly, Public Relations


An interview with Shona Galletly, Public Relations.

What steps would you recommend students take to try and become a paid classical PR consultant?

I would recommend that students who wish to become a paid PR Consultant combine their in-depth knowledge and love of a wide range of music with a qualification in PR and or Marketing which provide a solid basis for understanding the very specific need of artists and events promotion. Any hands on experience in a voluntary capacity of promoting an event, artist or company will also help deepen that knowledge.


Five tips for working successfully in a professional environment

  1. Be knowledgeable about the artist or  event  you are promoting
  2. Be knowledgeable about the media outlets you are pitching to i.e. be aware of their deadlines, and be aware of appropriate sections for the story you’re suggesting to them
  3. Be accurate in the information you send
  4. Be efficient and mindful of deadlines
  5. Be creative

Flexibility and proficiency are also highly desirable qualities in freelance PR consultancy.


Can you make a living from PR?

You can make a living from freelance PR consultancy provided you are prepared to manage erratic cash flow situations and have realistic expectations. PR & Marketing in the arts are useful disciplines which can be combined with your own performing or teaching career as part of a wider career portfolio.


If you could look back and give yourself one piece of advice when you started out, what would it be?

One piece of advice I would have given myself when starting out as a freelancer is to believe in yourself and trust your instincts – that’s two but they are connected!


What have been the highlights of your PR career so far?

Undoubtedly launching the first free classical digital CD download for the violinist Tasmin Little. It went everywhere! Tasmin was a delight to work with and still cites this as a major turning point in her career. More recently seeing the amazing Yorkshire based Breaking Tradition, the UK’s leading folk and hip hop dance company come together with award-winning folk powerhouse ‘The Demon Barbers’ to create ‘QUEST’ for families, gamers and live music & dance lovers of all ages. I look forward to promoting their tour this autumn.


SGPR creates Media and PR Campaigns for clients across a wide range of music including classical, early, contemporary, folk and jazz and for multi-art form projects which feature music, dance and visual arts.

Shona Galletly

Public Relations

By Shona Galletly, Public Relations

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