Musicians for Life

Inspiring talks and workshops in Leeds schools for musicians in years 9-11

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The University of Leeds and Leeds College of Music are working in collaboration to offer this programme which aims to raise awareness of the benefits of studying music and exciting options for studying beyond school. Your students will take part in group seminars, meet current students, and find out about courses on offer and have the opportunity to discover the exciting facilities available at both establishments!


  • Venue: Leeds College of Music & University of Leeds
  • Fee: Free
  • Age: 13 - 16

How Does it Work?

Musicians for Life is suitable for Years 9-11 and will be split into two parts. Please note that at present we are only able to offer these workshops to Leeds Schools.

Part 1: Talk and Workshop in school

Part 1 will launch the programme with a one hour student ambassador talk in school, at a date and time of your choosing, on options for the future with students from both Leeds College of Music and the University of Leeds. Your students will find out about the wide options for studying music, the range of careers available within music. Following this your students will take part in a one to two hour taster session workshop (depending on your timetable and availability) providing an insight into kinds of activities they might expect in Higher Education.

Sample workshops

In school workshop (University of Leeds)
Ever heard of the Kellycaster? What about Mi.Mu gloves? Music has loads of benefits, especially to those of us with disabilities. The Kellycaster and Mi.Mu gloves are just two examples of adaptive music technology; instruments designed or adapted to be accessible for people of all abilities. In this seminar-style session your students will learn about how and why these instruments are developed and how their development requires skills from many different disciplines. They will also have the opportunity to take part in their very own hackathon! What's a hackathon? Book to find out!

In school music workshop (Leeds College of Music)
Treat your students to a hands-on percussion workshop designed to explore musical styles from around the world. Resonate Drum Workshops are led by Tim Cook and Greg Burns, two LCoM students with a passion for sharing the joy and excitement of music.  The workshops emphasise key aspects such as:

  • Cultural Awareness
  • Celebrating Diversity
  • Self-Expression
  • Improvisation
  • Composition

All workshops are accessible and planned individually to meet the needs and interests of each group. To book a talk and workshop get in touch with us using the booking form link at the top of the page. 

Part 2 Workshops for Students at LCoM and University of Leeds

This part of the project will involve six Saturday workshops either held at the Leeds College of Music or the University of Leeds. The students taking part can opt to attend all six workshops, where space is available, or they can attend one or more of their preferred sessions. Details of booking will be provided at the school talks.

The final session will involve a performance workshop and a celebration event students can showcase their work to friends and family.

Found Instruments: Guided Improvisation 

Are you students budding performers and interested in unusual instruments? In this session they will have the opportunity to try out instruments from the Indian subcontinent and a range of African drums, amongst others. They will explore their sound-creating capabilities as an ensemble in a guided improvisation workshop that will end in a short performance. 

Film Music 

Are your students a budding John Williams or Hans Zimmer? Would they like to know more about film music technique? Get them involved and join our tutor to create their own collaborative score to a classic film extract. In this workshop they will work with other musicians, learning compositional techniques, and secrets employed by famous film composers. No prior knowledge is necessary, just an open mind and a love of film.

Popular Music POD-9.jpg

Synthesiser Ensemble 8 June 2019

Are you a fan of electronic music? In this session you will experiment with an analogue synthesiser to learn the basics of sound synthesis. You will learn how to use these instruments to shape a range of different sounds, similar to those that can be heard in your favourite pop and dance music. Later in the workshop we will form a synthesiser ensemble and create a short performance. 

Performance Workshop and Music Showcase 

Have you ever thought about performing music as a career? Perhaps you love making music but don’t know what to do with it after school? In this session, you will learn about what opportunities there are available for budding musicians to perform past education and how to develop your skills to better take advantage of them. You will have the chance to practice exercises in building confidence and working in a team, both essential requirements to be a performer! There will also be a discussion about the ‘behind the scenes’ of performing, and how best to market yourself as a performer, all extremely useful if you want to make it in the performing world

This project has been developed in partnership with Leeds College of Music, Leeds Education Partnership, and the University of Leeds. 


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