Blackbullion is an easy to use resource filled with videos, graphics and quizzes designed to help you to:

  • maximise the value and benefit of bursaries, benefits and other types of financial aid manage your money better
  • take control of your financial future

As a Leeds Conservatoire student this service is free to you! Applicants can also register with your personal email address and you can change this at a later date to your Leeds Conservatoire email address. Create an account or login here.

When you have signed up, you can view a range of different pathways and topics from banking, budgeting, tax and national insurance to student finance from undergraduate through to postgraduate on Blackbullion.

  • Budgeting - Learn how to create your own budget and stick to it
  • Starting University - Figure out your finance, sort out your finances from the start
  • International students - Ease into life in the UK with all you need to know about banking, budgeting and 'britishness'
  • Credit Cards - Understand the basics and they can be a risk and a benefit
  • Loan Repayment - Use the estimator tool to provide a forecast of repayments
  • 21 Days of Saving - moneyboot camp full of ideas to help
  • Budget Calculator - Understand and plan your finances with this calculator



Blackbullion's 'Money Manager' app is a budgeting app designed specifically for students. Money Manager uses open banking to give you on overview of your finances, and can give you insights in how to reduce your spending. 

Unlike other personal finance apps, this app has been created specifically with students in mind.

Student life presents lots of unique challenges that require a unique approach. For example, it doesn’t necessarily make sense budgeting monthly as a student - because you receive your loan termly!

As well as helping you manage your money, you can also earn 'Bullions' by using the app, which you can use to enter cash giveaways and win prizes.

Download the Money Manager app here.

To get in touch with the Student Funding team you can: 


Telephone: 0113 222 3508 / 0113 222 3419

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