Bhupinder Singh Chaggar

Curriculum Manager: Music Production


Job title: Curriculum Manager: Music Production

Courses taught: BA (Hons) Music (Production)

Specialisms: Indian Classical Music, Tabla, music production

An exceptionally musical and dynamic Tabla player based in Leeds, U.K. Bhupinder (BSc Hons, PGCE) is one of the leading disciples of the renowned Tabla Maestro and Gharanadaar of the Benares Gharana (school/style), Pandit Sharda Sahai Ji, who was the direct descendant of Pandit Ram Sahai Ji, the founder of the Benares Gharana

He has been learning his art in the traditional way of learning Indian Classical Music, the ‘Guru-Shishya parampara’. After rigorous training with his Guru Ji, Bhupinder was launched giving solo performances at the South Bank centre and in India. This was only the start for Bhupinder as he continued to progress and over the years performed alongside many established artists from varying musical backgrounds. His exhilarating solo performance in the esteemed Indian classical music festival 'Darbar' was highly praised by senior artists and audience alike with a standing ovation and was later televised on Sky Arts.

It was the influences of a vast array of music throughout his upbringing that gave him a wide musical awareness. He had the opportunity to study at Leeds College of Music where he spent much of his time 'jamming' and interacting with many musicians from varied geographical and musical backgrounds. This enriched his development and contributed to creating a unique style that is versatile, vibrant and lends itself well to a range of musical settings. He has used this to great effect in extensive performance with the likes of thrilling global fusion band, 'Samay', flamenco guitar sensation, 'Eduardo Niebla', Soul diva 'Jocelyn Brown', master percussionist 'Rui Junior' and former bassist of Miles Davis and Stevie Wonder, 'Michael Henderson'.

Alongside performing and developing musically, Bhupinder had always been interested in the reproduction of sound and all the facets of music production. He advanced this fascination into educating himself and setting up a recording studio/production house which gave him a solid experience and opportunity to experiment and be creative. Since then Bhupinder collaborated and led many exciting projects where he has used his multiple talents to great effect, such as, recording and mixing several albums to composing for the 'Halle' orchestra on an especially commissioned project. He has played many sessions for the likes of, 'Black Star Liner', 'Carl Herring' and 'James Pusey ' as well as playing on acclaimed film 'West is West'.  Bhupinder co-produced an innovative iPhone, 'Groove India'.  He was also commissioned to compose a special composition performed by the Halle and a range of top Indian classical musicians.  Bhupinder’s music production partnership with Craig Golding goes a long way back starting out by taking on the production for many live shows all over major European venues.  This extended to being nominated for best production in Indian Cinema.  Up to date, they undertaken the music production with composer Girishh G on a number of films including 'Marina', Vidiyum munn’, Sahduram 2 and are currently working new Bollywood blockbuster in 2017.

Bhupinder is a vibrant soul and is very keen in passing on his knowledge and experience in the industry and has done numerous workshops/master-classes/residencies all over the UK as well as a popular member of the team of lecturers at the 'Leeds College of Music'. He has been performing and teaching every month in Denmark for the past 8years. He is the head of music at SAA-UK (South Asian Arts UK) and is the artistic director for the annual summer schools and is the Lead tutor/mentor at the ever growing 'Tabla camp'.



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