Adrian Kirkpatrick

Curriculum Coordinator: Business



Job title: Curriculum Coordinator: Business

 Courses taught: BA (Hons) Music (Business)

 Specialisms: Entertainment & Contract Law, Commercial and Civil Mediation, Copyright and Intellectual Property

Adrian Kirkpatrick is Curriculum Leader for the BA pathway in Music Business.

 After studying at Dartington College of Arts Adrian worked internationally for Time Warner and Sony quickly developing business skills whilst managing and touring on a national and international basis. Recognised for his ability to extend beyond normal boundaries to achieve results, Adrian gained a ruthless event and tour management reputation – budgets never exceeded, events never cancelled, and no tour was a tour too far.

 Highlights in this role included working with Metallica’s crew; sharing a roast dinner with the Foo Fighters whilst at the same time researching and publishing language and aesthetics in popular music for the British Film Institute. An experienced and innovative educationalist, Adrian has consulted widely on higher education curriculum programming, alongside industry practices. He has written degrees in Music Business, Music Performance, Technical Events Management and Music Production for the University of Salford, Leeds Beckett University, and the University of Bolton. Adrian consults at a variety of European businesses and institutions linked to Copyright and Intellectual Property.

 Adrian has studied law and is a fully accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator. Adrian runs the only music mediation and creative dispute resolution company in the UK and is known as the “go-to” mediator when egos are involved and confidentiality is a must. Because of Adrian’s background in entertainment and business, he has the unique ability to assist all types of personalities and understand many different types of disputes.  He has been praised internationally for his adaptability, tenacity and work ethic, and is known for his excellent communication skills and diplomacy, which are crucial to finding common ground for resolution. He has developed a reputation as a bridge-builder and highly creative problem solver, allowing him to work well in all types of mediations.

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