The Touring Fund

From the Employability & Enterprise Team

After an incredibly tough 24 month period, combining the COVID19 pandemic with rising costs to living and challenges due to Brexit, we understand the financial barriers and difficulties that touring performers must overcome. To help support new talent, and the recovery of the touring sector we are launching our LC Touring Fund, with up to £500 available towards costs associated with touring and putting on events across the UK and further afield.

Who is it for
  • Third year undergraduate students currently enrolled at Leeds Conservatoire across all pathways.
  • Those that graduated from a degree course at Leeds Conservatoire in year 21/22 i.e. The Class of 21/22.
  • This is open to all pathways, and we encourage Performing Arts students and graduates to apply - example activity might include the creation of own material being toured, performances at Edinburgh fringe etc.
Application Window

This fund is available for submissions all year round.

Please allow 30 days for your application to be reviewed. We will respond to all applications as quickly as possible. If successful, please allow another 30 days for the transfer of funds.


In order to be eligible for this fund you must:

  • Have at least three separate performance dates booked (and confirmed) within a 7 day period. Two of these must be outside of Leeds.
  • Have materials or tickets released and available to purchase/consume via common platforms (DSPs, Bandcamp, physical shops etc).
  • Be actively engaged with social media platforms and your fan base.
  • Be engaged with the local music/theatre scene/community, and be able to demonstrate success locally.
What Tour expenses can we fund

This fund is specifically aimed at supporting the costs associated with touring performances. These costs can include-

  • Travel expenses (e.g. Van Hire, petrol, train tickets, flights, parking etc)
  • Accommodation
  • Insurance e.g. travel or instrument.
  • Flight cases
  • Equipment Hire
  • Session musician fees
  • Sound engineer
  • Driver (if required for van hire)

Other expense requests may be considered but aren't guaranteed.

Support Criteria
  • You must be able to demonstrate the need for touring activity i.e. that there is demand for your performance in other locations (stats or promoter requests may support this), or that there are significant indicators that you are at the right point to perform outside of Leeds (or your home area). Demand for ticket sales on previous events would also support this.
  • Tour dates must be confirmed prior to applying – we will require proof of this confirmation. If dates fail to go ahead we retain the right to request the return of funds.
  • We won’t fund touring activity that has already taken place. Please consider this when applying. We will however do our best to accommodate requests with a tight turn around i.e. where the start date of a tour may occur before the 30 days required to review and approve applications.
  • For students: Tour dates should not interfere with studies – tutors and staff should be notified and happy with arrangements should dates interfere with timetabled studies.
Things to consider when applying

We are looking to see the following as part of your application:

  • Consider and address the environmental impact and sustainability of tour arrangements.
  • Provide detailed plans and budgets, considering potential risk factors.
  • Demonstrate that this funding will allow for tour activity to operate at a break even i.e. the plans are financially viable.
  • Activity that supports multiple performers/artists, or helps to cover costs of other tour personnel i.e. driver or sound engineer will be favoured.
Case Study

Mollie Coddled recently undertook a UK wide support tour (with Coach Party) with limited notice and  financial support. We were able to provide £500 towards associated costs to allow Mollie and her band to benefit from the opportunity.

We asked Mollie some questions about her experience and what the funding helped her achieve.

When did your tour take place?
April/ May 2022

How many performance dates were on your tour?

What did this funding help you achieve?
The funding enabled me to get insurance on a car to drive, paid for some hotels and some petrol for the tour. We managed to keep hotels down to a minimum of 4/14 nights.

What would you have done without funding?
It would've been financially impossible, we had no other funding as this was a very last minute tour offer. Also with petrol costing so much it also would've been impossible to pay for petrol.

How did you budget for the tour? Do you have any tips for pulling costings together?
I created a very in depth budget sheet, I only bought essentials and everyone bought their own food. We took my mums car as we couldn't afford a van or driver.

Any tips on how to save money on tour?
Pack food for lunch and dinner on dates when leaving from home. Drive back to Leeds (your base) when its 2 or less hours home to avoid hotels and stay with friends where possible.

Did your tour come in on budget?
After selling out of all merch we managed to break even finally but before we got paid for the gigs I was still in minus money as the gig fee was only the industry standard of £50 per gig. 

Was the tour successful?
I think so! Maybe not the perfect demographic but I converted lots of the audience into fans. 

What did you learn from the experience?
Consider getting a driver or taking turns driving because it really impacts you mentally and physically.

What were the highlights (your favourite part of going on tour)?
Playing in London! Wish we had a hotel there!

You can find out more about Mollie Coddled and their music via the following links:


To Apply

If you feel you may be an applicable candidate for funding after reading all of the supporting statements and criteria, please apply at the following link.

Apply here

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