Subsidised Funding

From the Employability & Enterprise Team

Promotional materials such as photos and videos, branding or merchandise are incredibly important to all professionals looking to forge a career in the music industry. Poor quality materials can seriously harm your image and devalue your work, but quality products are often costly and difficult to budget for. Based on this premise, we are pleased to offer our subsidised funding services.

This means that as an artist or business project you have access to quality promotional materials, but at a much lower rate than the industry standard. his is because Leeds Conservatoire is willing to subsidise 50% of the product cost (up to £250 based on a total cost of £500), leaving just 50% to be paid by the artist.

Who is this for

The Subsidised Funding Scheme is open to all current students across all pathways at Leeds Conservatoire.

Application Windows

There are two application windows throughout the academic year, in the first and second semester:

  • Semester 1: 24/10/22 - 21/11/22
  • Semester 2: 6/3/23 - 3/4/23

If you are unable to submit your application via the form, we will accept a video submission instead. Please contact for further information, or to submit a video application.

Support Details

What does the student get?

Through their own 50% investment, the student can expect to receive a finished unbranded professional product to use as they wish- no strings attached!


What does Leeds Conservatoire get?

In return for Leeds Conservatoire's 50% investment, they retain the right to use branded versions of the finished article as promotional tools across various platforms and campaigns (including the promotion of said artist).


Provider/Supplier Options

If you do not have a supplier in mind to undertake production of your chosen materials, we can provide recommendations. If you do choose to use your own supplier you will need to provide us with details of the supplier on application.

Application Process
  • You are required to submit a funding application.
  • There are a limited number of these packages available with all applications  reviewed for suitability of support, so ensure your submission is clear and detailed to be in with a chance of having your request approved.
  • Please keep in mind that you will be working with professionals, so acting professionally yourself will be expected.
  • Please remember we will only fund up to £250, based on a total cost of £500.
  • You will be notified shortly as quickly as possible once the application window has closed as to whether or not we can support your submission.
Funding Parameters
  • Please only apply for one type of product.
  • Please remember we will only fund up to £250, based on a total cost of £500.
  • Once produced we will require a high quality version of the product. We will only transfer funds on the receipt of professional quote or invoice.
  • The fund cannot support retrospective activity – ie costs that have already been incurred / project activity that has already taken place.
  • You can only be successful with a single funding scheme per academic year.
How To Apply

Please make sure you have read all of the supporting documentation prior to applying. Applications that don’t meet the criteria outlined will not be considered for support.

Click here to complete the application form

If you have any questions regarding this support, please feel free to get in touch with Employability and Enterprise team.

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