Sound City 2018: Long Legged Creatures

By Kath Hartley


Long Legged Creatures are creeping out with their twisted live electronica, full of wonky harmony and heavy grooves, which create a sense of uneasiness.

They were formed in 2015 by bassist Beth O’Lenahan (third-year Popular Music), keys player Ed Allen (third-year Popular Music with Jazz), and drummer Matt Hill (third-year Popular Music).

Recently they have added live producer, Ross Wilson (third-year Music Production), to blend the recklessness with a nod to the deeper UK dance sound.

Long Legged Creatures will be live from the Red Brick Vintage Stage on Saturday 5 May from 15:35

Long Legged Creatures

"At first we were writing sort of jazzy electronic music but when Ross came along with his punchy swung beats, he created an order to the chaos."

How does it feel to be chosen for Sound City?

We can’t wait to play Sound City. Liverpool is a real music hub, it really supports the local music scene and it’s great to be given a chance to get involved over there.

How do you think Sound City will differ from other shows that you have done?

Well, we have never played at a festival, out in the open before, so that’s very new and exciting! It’ll also be fun playing to such a wide audience with so many different tastes in music.

How would you describe your sound, and what can we expect from your live show at Sound City?

To be really vague, we’d call it twisted live electronica. But the main thing is - we like weird noises and to make you dance.

Any other bands you’re keen to see, and why?

Definitely all of the bands from Leeds College of Music, everyone is so inspiring and they all come out with some great music - and they’re all our mates which is even better. Peace, Yellow Days and Calva Louise are obviously on our list too, we love what they do and they’ve got some serious sunny vibes going on.

What are you looking forward to most about your performance?

Just to share what we do with more people who love music, and to give everyone an excuse to get a bit weird and dance - we’ve got a few new tunes as well! We think it’ll be a great atmosphere and we’re excited to be part of it.

What do you think an opportunity such as Sound City will mean for your band?

Playing music to a new crowd will always be inspiring for any band. It’ll give us new ideas and will definitely make us want to gig more in Liverpool.

Find out more about Leeds College of Music's showcase at Liverpool Sound City 2018.

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By Kath Hartley

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