7 Top Tips To Prepare For Clearing

By Kath Hartley

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Clearing: Key Information

What is clearing?

Clearing is an application process which starts in July and continues through August for students wishing to start undergraduate courses in the coming September.

Who can apply through clearing?

Clearing isn’t just for those who miss their target grades. If you have changed your mind about what or where you want to study, or if you weren’t going to apply to university but would now like to, you can find your place through the clearing process. We are accepting applications for a variety of courses through clearing - contact us for further details. 

Either way, the run up to results day can be a stressful time, so read our guide below to make sure you’re prepped for clearing. 



1. Start your clearing shortlist early

If you don’t feel confident that you’ll get your required grades, or are thinking of applying for a course through clearing then it’s a good move to start planning your Plan B early. “It’s a good idea to make a shortlist of alternative institutions and courses in advance” explains Emily from the student recruitment team at LCoM. “Results Day can be challenging if you didn’t get the grades you expected, but having a solid backup plan and list of places to contact will help you stay calm and focussed if things haven’t quite gone to plan.”

2. Not currently holding an offer on a degree? Apply Now

If you are not currently holding any offers or have changed your mind about your firm choice you can apply now rather than wait until A Level results day. Leeds College of Music accepts clearing applications from July onwards – so there’s no need to wait to apply and you can secure your place early!




3. If you don’t get the grades, don’t panic

If things don’t go to plan on results day, don’t panic. Your first port of call should be to check UCAS Track, as your chosen institution may still accept you on your chosen course. If you have applied to LCoM and not gained the grades you expected, you can contact our Clearing Helpline for advice on next steps and other possible opportunities, such as place on a different course. For example we offer integrated Foundation Years in Classical, Jazz, Popular Music, Songwriting, Film Music,and Folk, and Foundation Degrees in Music Production and Electronic Music Production. If you want to find out more about Foundation Years, read our handy guide

4. Think outside the box

If you didn’t get a place on your chosen course, think about other pathways related to your degree. “It’s important to think about what kind of career path you want to take” explains Dale Perkins, Head of the School of Pop and Production at LCoM, “Your chosen institution may offer another course which offers the chance to build relevant skills and experience for your future career, albeit by a different route.” Read up about different course options and speak to the staff at your chosen institution to see if another course could work for you instead. 

5. Be clear on the requirements

Read the clearing guide for your chosen course to find out what you need to prepare for your application. For LCoM courses, this might be audition tapes, a portfolio assessment or a Skype interview. Whatever is required, it will give you a head start to have as much as possible in place before results day to make your clearing application go smoothly. 

6. Visit your chosen institution

If you can, try to visit the institution you are thinking about applying for through clearing. “Clearing can often feel like a mad rush to find a suitable course,” says Emily from the student recruitment team. “However it is vital that you still choose a place that is right for you.” Visiting in advance will give you a good idea of whether the institution is the right for you. If you would like to visit LCoM in July or August you can contact us directly to arrange a tour.

7. Don’t forget the details

Whilst it’s a priority to find a course during clearing, it’s important to remember other details such as what the location is like, and what accommodation is still available for clearing applicants.  

Contact Us

For more information on what courses are open for clearing, and how to apply visit www.lcm.ac.uk/clearing .
For any other queries or to discuss your options before results day get in touch by calling 0113 222 3416 or via our contact form.


By Kath Hartley

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