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Course Studied: Film Music

"LCoM is a melting pot of creatives that has highlighted that no matter what it is; you don't have to do it alone."

Bands and Projects Involved In:

Uncle Frank




What has been the most important thing you've learned at LCoM?

Unity. It's not possible to make it alone in this industry or landscape anymore. LCoM is a melting pot of creatives that has highlighted that no matter what it is; you don't have to do it alone.

What are you planning on doing next after you leave LCoM?

I'm transferring to the University of Leeds to do a MA in Applied Psychology of Music. I'm still scoring films as part of the composition duo Droplet, so as the film industry reopens up I'll get back to investing time into that.

Is there anything you've encountered over the last few years that has really made you push yourself as a musician or anything new that you had not tried before?

I think being surrounded by a pool of incredibly talented musicians definitely triggered my imposter syndrome so that was a big pushing motivator. I had also never seriously thought about trying to make a career out of film music, but after three years here I'm pretty confident something will come of it for me.

What is the best piece of advice you've been given at LCoM?

If you get two pints at the bar, that saves you going up and getting another.

What has been the best project / opportunity you've had during your degree?

Definitely playing the Gala Concert with Waterside at the end of second year, it was a very surreal moment for me.

What has been the biggest challenge and how has this helped you develop?

It would be foolish to ignore the pandemic and how it has dramatically changed life (and the end of this degree). But having that time to rework and think about how I create music was instrumental to aiding my self-confidence. If we can get by as musicians in times like these, there’s nothing stopping success once we enter the new normal.

What is your favourite LCoM memory?

Beer, Burger and Quiz fresher’s event. I felt like a proud parent having my fresher’s flatmate Miss Lambrini Von Damn hosting the last year’s event.

What advice would you give to others thinking of applying to your course at LCoM?

Don't just stick to Film Music, there is so much more available to you at LCoM and it all will benefit in the long run. You get plenty of film music in your core modules don't waste your time doing the same thing for your professional and contextual studies! Shop around, you never know what you can learn.

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