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Charlotte Hayes

Numerous individuals from amongst our graduate community are currently working for the BBC at a variety of bases across the UK, including Media City, Television House and BBC Yorkshire.

Last week we spoke with Production graduate and Freelance Broadcast Assistant/Producer, Adam Winch-Furness, about his route to the BBC from the Foundation Degree in Music Production at LCoM.

In the next and second edition of our four-week feature, we caught up with Charlotte Hayes to learn what it takes to work as a Technical Operator for one of the world’s leading public service broadcasters.

What route did you take?

I studied the BA (Hons) in Music Production at Leeds College of Music.
What work did you do outside of your academic study?

I realised in my first year on the Degree that I couldn’t wait around until graduation to find a suitable career, so emailed lots of studios and composers in Leeds and London looking for work placements. Before I came to Leeds College of Music I had already worked for Metropolis Studios in London for 6 months so I had that experience to tempt new places to take me on too! I ended up having a two week placement at Wave Media Productions (W-M-P), a company in Leeds (led by BA Production 2007 alumnus Ben McAvoy) who compose for adverts, film and TV, alongside writing for library music. That went really well; they were impressed with what music I had helped them create, and told me to keep in touch after graduating which is great.
How did this experience outside of studying help you achieve your career goals?

My career path has turned out differently to what I expected. I still compose in my spare time and have signed up as freelancer for a composition company in London (who send me briefs for advertisement music every now and then) but now I have the drive to learn as many skills as possible while working for one of the biggest TV corporations in the world.
How did your study help you in your current role?

One person at Leeds College of Music who I have to thank for his solid advice is Emmanuel Vass. In my Self-Promotion classes, he made no mistake in telling us time and time again that networking was the most important thing you can do. This advice stuck with me, and sure enough, as soon as I met someone who could take me into the world of television, I made no hesitation in striking up a conversation.
Why was your course important to your aspirations?
I now work for BBC Leeds as a Technical Operator, doing sound for Look North amongst other programmes such as Sunday Politics and The Super League Show. I’m learning how to use studio cameras and how to NTA (where I speak to the presenters through their earpieces and make sure the programme ends on time). My course was important because it gave me the confidence in my skills and showed me that my experience in Music Production didn’t limit me to just producing music.

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“My course was important because it gave me the confidence in my skills and showed me that my experience in Music Production didn’t limit me to just producing music.”

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