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Due to the specialist nature of the conservatoire, some undergraduate students come to Leeds College of Music from other parts of the country and abroad while still under 18 years old. Students aged under 18 have a limited choice of where to live, due to current British legislation.
The following options are available to students at Leeds College of Music, but it is the responsibility of parents or guardians to ensure that the accommodation is suitable for your needs. Please contact the accommodation providers directly for more information, viewings and to make a booking.


We strongly recommend you use the services of Unipol; a reputable, charitable trust, partly funded by universities and colleges in Leeds (including Leeds College of Music) to help students find a place to live. It’s non-profit making and provides free and comprehensive services.
Unipol have a Tenancy Support Officer who will take the lead in supporting under 18's and their families from the application stage. Visit the Unipol website for more information.
One Mill Street is a Unipol-owned hall of residence that is popular with Leeds College of Music students and only a five minute walk from the conservatoire.

Liberty Living

Liberty Living are able to house students who are aged under 18 at their Liberty Dock and Liberty Park developments.

Liberty Dock is approximately a twenty minute walk from the conservatoire, close to the Clarence Dock area of Leeds.

Liberty Park is a short bus ride away. Early applications are advised for Liberty Park as it takes under 18s from a number of local colleges, as well as a normal quota of older students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take out insurance, or am I covered?
If you live in private halls you will generally get basic insurance cover as part of the deal – but we strongly advise that you insure your personal belongings, particularly if you will be bringing musical instruments, equipment, a computer etc. with you.
Endsleigh have policies designed for students at a reasonable cost, or you may get cover through your parent/guardian's house insurance.

Will I have to pay council tax?
If your house or flat is solely occupied by students, no. You will require a Council Tax Exemption Form, which can be obtained from the Student Enquiries Counter at the conservatoire once you have enrolled.

Do I need to get a TV licence?
If you watch or record television programmes as they're being shown on TV or use BBC iPlayer - online, on a TV, or on any device (even a laptop), you will need a TV licence. If you are living in halls and you intend to have your own TV in your room, you must buy your own TV licence. If you are living in a shared house, you will need a TV licence to cover the house. Find out more at the TV Licencing website.

I need to make my first accommodation payment to be able to move in, but I haven't received my student loan yet. How do I make this payment?
In order for you to receive your room keys, the first accommodation payment is normally required over the summer before enrolment (around the end of August/beginning of September). This is standard procedure by all private accommodation companies.

As you will not receive your student loan until you have been enrolled by the conservatoire (enrolment triggers the payment system), ensure that you have enough money to cover your first accommodation payment and that you are not relying solely on your loan to pay it.

Will I have to pay a deposit? How much will it be and will I get it back?
When arranging rented accommodation you will be expected to sign a contract, in most cases for 12 months, and to pay a deposit of between £75 and £250. This is refunded at the end of the rental period unless you have caused any damage or loss to fixtures or furnishings.
As part of the Housing Act, deposits paid on Assured Shorthold Tenancies signed after April 2007 are protected. This scheme ensures good practice in deposit handling so that when a tenant pays a deposit and is entitled to receive it back, they can be assured this will happen. You can find more details on the Deposit Protection Scheme website.


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