Reading rhythms

Improve your rhythm reading with our Flash game

Leeds College of Music Jazz lecturers have created a Flash game to help you improve your rhythm reading skills – using live music recorded on campus.

It's part of a series of games which we'll post in the coming weeks, which wll focus on other areas including interval recognition, comping transcription and polyrhythms.

Follow this link to access the game, which will open in a new tab/window (please note: as it's a Flash application, the game won't work on iPhones and iPads).

"The idea behind these resources is to create realistic exercises that will help you consolidate fundamental performance issues," says Jazz pathway leader, Jamil Sheriff. "Whether the exercises are focusing on rhythmic, harmonic or melodic areas of your assimilation of language, the nature of the recorded material will give you a contextualised learning experience, replicating familiar textures from a live performance setting.

"Keep working through the games to reach a high level of consistency, they will help you identify weaknesses in your understanding and design exercises of your own to build into your routine. This first exercise will help you focus on reading rhythms and internalising syncopated patterns over a straight groove."

The exercises have been recorded by Jazz pathway lecturers at Leeds College of Music and are used to help our students develop some of the core skills associated with being a jazz musician today.


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Above: some of Leeds College of Music's Jazz tutors. Meet the whole crew in our people pages.

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