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Undergraduate programmes

Classical and Jazz

Application deadline
We are still accepting applications for Classical and Jazz degrees.

The application deadline for equal consideration was 3 October 2016, however we are still accepting applications.

How do I apply?
Applications for Classical and Jazz can be made via UCAS Conservatoires.

Course UCAS Conservatoires course code UCAS Conservatoires institution code
BA (Hons) Music (Classical) 305F L31
BA (Hons) Music (Classical with Jazz) 412F
BA (Hons) Music (Classical with Popular) 204F
BA (Hons) Music (Classical with Production) 502F
BA (Hons) Music (Classical) with Foundation Year W30F
BA (Hons) Music (Jazz) 403F
BA (Hons) Music (Jazz with Classical) 706F
BA (Hons) Music (Jazz with Popular) 303F
BA (Hons) Music (Jazz with Production) 908F
BA (Hons) Music (Jazz) with Foundation Year W37F

Business, Popular, Production, Songwriting, Folk and Film Music

How do I apply?
Applications are made via UCAS.

Application Deadline: 15 January 2017

Course UCAS course code UCAS instiution code
BA (Hons) Music (Business) 4R5T L30
BA (Hons) Music (Popular) W302
BA (Hons) Music (Popular with Classical) 7M2L
BA (Hons) Music (Popular with Jazz) 2Q4A
BA (Hons) Music (Popular with Production) 9Y5T
BA (Hons) Music (Popular) with Foundation Year W3W2
BA (Hons) Music (Production) W301
BA (Hons) Music (Production with Classical) 8U4D
BA (Hons) Music (Production with Jazz) 3Q9X
BA (Hons) Music (Production with Popular) 5W2D
Foundation Degree in Music Production W306
BA (Hons) Music (Film Music) W3W3
BA (Hons) Music (Film Music) with Foundation Year W3W4
BA (Hons) Music (Popular) Top-up W305
BA (Hons) Music (Production) Top-up W304
BA (Hons) Music (Songwriting) W310
BA(Hons) Music (Songwriting) with Foundation Year W3J4
BA (Hons) Music (Folk) W309


All applicants will need to audition or interview for their place at Leeds College of Music. To find out more information, go to our Auditions and Interviews page.

Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)

Applicants who have undertaken learning which has been formally assessed and certified by another educational institution or training provider, as well as applicants who have gained formal recognition of learning through other experience (e.g. in-house training programmes that are not externally assessed), may be able to use this towards their study at Leeds College of Music. The following document provides further information on the conservatoire’s APL application procedure.

Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) PDF


Classical and Jazz
UCAS Conservatoires | | L31

Business, New Music, Popular, Production & Film Music
UCAS | | L30


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