Tuition Fees

What will you be paying?

Tuition fees for 2017-2018 entrants are £9,250 per year for all undergraduate courses. This is subject to the confirmation of Government proposals announced on 16 May 2016, to introduce a Teaching Excellence Framework. This framework will allow Higher Education providers to increase their tuition fees by forecast inflation, if they meet certain criteria regarding the quality of their provision. Leeds College of Music has been assessed as meeting these criteria for 2017-2018. 

The fees are per academic year and may be subject to government-approved increases in future years.
Tuition fees pay for the cost of teaching, assessment, validation, the facilities, support and administration of your course.

Please note that these pages apply to those who qualify as Home or EU students. If you are an international student, please click here.  If you are not sure of your tuition fee status, please see for further guidance.

Tuition Fee Loan

Home and EU students don't have to pay any tuition fees up-front, or while you're studying. You can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan from the Student Loans Company and the fee will be paid directly to the conservatoire on your behalf. The application process and exact criteria for Student Loans depends on where you live. To start your application, click on the country you live in:

England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland

If you are a resident of the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, or Gibraltar, the systems are different to what is described here. Please check with your own Government’s website.

If you are an EU student please see our guide to EU students' fees and funding.
Most applicants apply for Student Finance via an online application process and each student has an individual account for the duration of their studies, and also during the repayment period. EU students are currently required to use a paper form. It’s one single application process for tuition fee loans and living costs support.  For information about Maintenance Loans for living costs and other loans and grants, visit our Living Costs page.

Important note: When you apply for Student Finance, you will need to state that your course provider name is LEEDS CITY COLLEGE. This is due to our status as a wholly owned subsidiary and is purely for administrative purposes.  On the online application process, please select LEEDS CITY COLLEGE when asked where do you plan to study?  For the course details, type the word “MUSIC” and all our courses will appear on a list – just select the correct one from the list.

Repaying your Tuition Fee Loan

You are required to start repaying loans for fees and living costs in the following financial year after you graduate, but only if your annual income is above £21,000. Repayments are collected through the UK  tax system by HMRC.

The repayment rate is 9% of your income, above the first £21,000, regardless of how much you have borrowed. If after 30 years you have not repaid the full amount, the remainder of the loan will be written off.  Examples of repayments are shown here:

Annual income before tax Approximate monthly repayment
£21,000 £0
£24,000 £22
£27,000 £45
£30,000 £67
£36,000 £112
£40,000 £142


Eligibility for Tuition Fee Loans

Your personal eligibility for tuition fee loans and your fee status is determined mainly by your residency status.  If you have been living outside the UK or EU, prior to starting your studies, go to UKCISA for more information about the residency requirements to qualify for Home or EU fee status.

Your eligibility for all types of Student Finance may be affected if you have previously studied at Higher Education level, regardless of the amount of funding you received or the length of study. If you need further advice on this matter, please contact

If you already hold an equivalent level qualification from any country, to the one you are proposing to study, you may not be eligible for any funding and the tuition fees may be charged at the International rate. If you think this may affect you, please contact

Tuition fee loans are not means tested - all eligible students can borrow the full amount regardless of their own or their parent’s income.

If you prefer not to take a Tuition Fee Loan…..
It is possible to take a loan for part of the fee and pay the rest yourself if you wish, or if you prefer not to apply for a tuition fee loan at all, you can pay the full fee directly to the conservatoire in 3 instalments.  Information about exactly when and how to pay the fees, is sent to those who have accepted an offer at Leeds College of Music.

Student Loan repayments are only calculated according to your earnings, and are not dependant on how much you borrow, so think carefully about your reasons for paying up front. There’s some excellent advice for students on this topic, on Martin Lewis’s Money Saving Expert website.

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