Suitable for under 18s

Short courses

Short courses, summer schools and ensembles that are suitable for musicians under the age of 18.

  • Electric Guitar Workshop

    Saturday 1 July 2017
    Suitable for 11 - 18 years

    Develop your creative playing in this practical electric guitar workshop with Krish Thiruchelvam.

  • Roland Aira Weekend

    Saturday 1 July 2017
    Suitable for 16+ years

    Our Roland AIRA Weekend covers the AIRA range of electronic instruments and teaches you how to use these innovative products along with a Digital Audio Workstation to add hands-on control to your music making.


  • Creative Jazz Summer School

    Monday 31 July 2017
    Suitable for 16+ years

    Immerse yourself in a week of playing and singing jazz under the guidance of expert tutors from our BA Jazz pathway.

  • Film Music Summer School

    Monday 31 July 2017
    Suitable for 16+ years

    Learn about the art and science involved in scoring music for the moving image with expert professionals and educators from our BA programmes.


  • Songwriting Summer School

    Monday 7 August 2017
    Suitable for 16+ years

    This four-day course is designed for musicians who are keen to further their skills in songwriting; songwriters who are looking for new ideas and approaches; and educators looking for inspiration in their teaching.

Have an idea for a short course?

We run a varied programme of short courses throughout the year, and we're always keen to try out new ideas and initiatives. If the type of course you're interested in isn't listed above, please contact us using the form below, and we'll let you know what we're planning.

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Are you looking for a special gift for a young musician? We have a wide range of high-quality and inspirational courses for under 18s at Leeds College of Music. Browse our list of courses on the left-hand side and book a memorable present for a young musician.


Saturday Music School

Saturday Music School is part of the junior department of Leeds College of Music.  Creative and vibrant, SMS delivers 30 weeks of ensemble and musicianship tuition to young people between ages 9 and 18.  We believe a range of high quality musical experiences are essential for developing and nurturing talented young musicians.

Every Saturday morning during term time, young musicians come along to Saturday Music School for a fun yet challenging programme of three hour-long sessions that are tailored to their abilities and interests.

Find out more about Saturday Music School here.


Current LCoM Saturday Music School students receive 10% discount on all short courses for Young Musicians. To claim your discount, please contact the Short Courses team by telephone, stating the name of your chosen course.


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