SMS Student Profile - Evie

My name is Evie Kitching and I am 13 years old and I am in my 4th year at SMS.  I first discovered music at the age of 6, when I started playing the piano.  I am now Grade 6 on the piano, Grade 6 on the saxophone, and I also enjoy playing the ukulele, singing, and the drums.  My favourite genres of music are pop and jazz. 

A Typical Morning at SMS

I start College at 9am and my first lesson is Workshop.  Different people come in each week and teach us lots of things, from reggae music to improvising.  My second class is Ensemble and I am in a jazz group.  I love working collaboratively with other musicians, whilst playing music I love.  One of the songs we are currently working on is a swing version of Britney Spears' Toxic!  My final class of the day is Composition - we work in the Mac lab using Logic and Sibelius to compose pieces for our ensembles.  This is my favourite lesson of the day as I love writing music, for both groups and solo performances.

My Favourite Things

Everything about SMS! But if I had to pick one, it would probably be interacting and making music with other musicians.  I get to explore lots of different styles and genres of music. The wide range of amazing tutors continue to help me make progress in many different ways.

SMS has changed me as a musician

SMS has helped me in lots of ways; I have learnt a lot about improvising and am now able to do it confidently.  It has also helped me become a lot more confident generally.  I now frequently offer to do solos in songs and lead small groups in workshop.

Musical Aims and Ambitions

When I leave school, I would love to study at LCoM full time, before going to University.  I would love to work as a music teacher in a secondary school, or even as a teacher here at LCoM!

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