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Flash games to improve your performance skills

Leeds College of Music Jazz lecturers have created a series of Flash games to help you improve your jazz performance skills – using live music recorded on campus.

"The idea behind these resources is to create realistic exercises that will help you consolidate fundamental performance issues," says Jazz pathway leader, Jamil Sheriff. "Whether the exercises are focusing on rhythmic, harmonic or melodic areas of your assimilation of language, the nature of the recorded material will give you a contextualised learning experience, replicating familiar textures from a live performance setting.

"Keep working through the games to reach a high level of consistency, they will help you identify weaknesses in your understanding and design exercises of your own to build into your routine. The exercises will help you focus on reading rhythms, internalising syncopated patterns, developing rhythmic language in a band context and improving your understanding of intervals."

The games are built in Flash, which means you won't be able to play them on an iPad or iPhone, unfortunately. But you should be able to play them on your PC, Mac, Android device or Windows device, if you install the latest version of Flash.

Use the links below to access the games:

Reading rhythms

Reading rhythms game

Interval recognition

Interval recognition: question 1
Interval recognition: question 2
Interval recognition: question 3
Interval recognition: question 4
Interval recognition: question 5
Interval recognition: question 6
Interval recognition: question 7
Interval recognition: question 8
Interval recognition: question 9

Syncopated Phrasing Transcriptions

Syncopated Rhythms: question 1
Syncopated Rhythms: question 2
Syncopated Rhythms: question 3
Syncopated Rhythms: question 4
Syncopated Rhythms: question 5
Syncopated Rhythms: question 6
Syncopated Rhythms: question 7
Syncopated Rhythms: question 8
Syncopated Rhythms: question 9
Syncopated Rhythms: question 10
Syncopated Rhythms: question 11

Hemiolas in 3/4

Hemiolas in 3/4: question 1
Hemiolas in 3/4: question 2
Hemiolas in 3/4: question 3
Hemiolas in 3/4: question 4
Hemiolas in 3/4: question 5
Hemiolas in 3/4: question 6

Hemiolas in 7/4

Hemiolas in 7/4: question 1
Hemiolas in 7/4: question 2
Hemiolas in 7/4: question 3
Hemiolas in 7/4: question 4
Hemiolas in 7/4: question 5

Hemiola Blues

Hemiola Blues: question 1
Hemiola Blues: question 2
Hemiola Blues: question 3
Hemiola Blues: question 4
Hemiola Blues: question 5

Above: some of Leeds College of Music's Jazz tutors. Meet the whole crew in our people pages.

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