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Find out what you will study and pathway options.


Forward Thinking

Our Jazz pathway is one of the finest in Europe. This highly collaborative course will shape you into a forward thinking, creative artist, grounded in the tradition but with a hunger to take music to new dimensions.


Improvisation is the very essence of jazz, and a way of life at Leeds College of Music. You’ll play with Jazz musicians from all backgrounds, from raw talent to polished, and from progressive to purist.


A culture of collaboration

You’ll also benefit from working alongside students from other degree pathways, collaborating with producers, sound engineers, composers and entrepreneurs on your own independent projects.


You’ll learn one-to-one with experts in your specialism, join innovative ensembles, and get unrivalled performance and networking opportunities – with regular visits from illustrious musicians and record labels – helping you develop the strongest technique and a unique identity.



Our modules cover developing performance and composition, group study, contextual studies and professional studies that prepare you for industry.
Download the full course outline for BA (Hons) Music (Jazz)


Specialist Study

Performers will deliver a stylistically informed performance with a command of appropriate musical and repertoire skills, leading to the presentation of a public performance.

Composers will have the opportunity to compose ambitious pieces and to have a highly developed awareness of your compositional identity and to be able to apply this in a consistent and focused manner.

Specialist Group Study

You will develop a secure foundation in ensemble performance and/or composition.

Issues of style and repertoire will be discussed and taught, alongside a developing awareness of rehearsal etiquette and good practice.

Composers will be specifically composing for group ensembles.


Contextual Studies

You will develop composition, musicology and critical listening skills, through a detailed examination of repertoire, its style and effects on the development of music.

Within the four themes of repetition, virtuosity, music and theatre and technology and music you will study key works, musicians, compositional techniques, reception and environment.

You will also be able to choose optional modules from a range of subjects, including Entrepreneurship, Collaborative Composition or Emerging Music Models.

Professional Studies

Additionally, as with all our degree pathways, you will be able to choose to study a number of professional studies modules that cover topics such as self-promotion and marketing, legal and commercial issues and digital and media literacy.

This focus on developing your business skills will help to prepare you for a successful career in the industry.


Pathway Options

You can choose to study an extra Foundation Year or combine the BA (Hons) Music (Jazz) degree with another pathway.


Foundation Year

You can choose to add a foundation year to our BA (Hons) Music (Jazz) pathway. This 4-year BA (Hons) with Foundation Year would be suitable for you, if:

  • You do not have the standard/traditional entry requirements

  • You need additional time and support to achieve conservatoire-standard musicianship

During your foundation year, you will receive one-to-one tuition in your specialist study, and develop performance, composition or production skills in preparation for degree-level study.

On successful completion of the foundation year you would progress directly to year 1 of the BA (Hons) programme.

Download the full course outline for BA (Hons) Music (Jazz) with Foundation Year.


Combined Degree

You can combine the Jazz pathway with Classical, Popular Music, or Production, choosing one as your major and one as your minor.

Our degrees with a Jazz major are:

If you opt to combine two pathways, you will follow the Specialist Study modules in your major pathway and Specialist Group Study modules in your minor pathway.

For example, if you wanted to take BA (Hons) Music (Jazz with Classical), your one-to-one lessons would be in Jazz and your ensemble group study would be in Classical.