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Service Standards studios 15-16
Studio Services
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We will provide environments in which it is pleasant to work.
·       Daily checks of studio areas for completeness and tidiness.
Ensure the studios are in good order by getting repairs carried out quickly
·       We will respond to emergency repairs and make safe within half an hour.
We will provide access to a range of equipment and ensure that they are available when you need them. .
Stock will be re-shelved immediately on return during counter opening times.
·       All returned material will be checked for completeness
·       .Any borrowed material returned damaged or incomplete and will be handled in accordance with our published regulations
Any studio left in an unacceptable condition will be handled in accordance with our published regulations
Target: 96% of published standard monitored by visual checks, mystery shopper, customer journey.
We will publicise our range of services, regulations and opening times and keep you informed of any changes to these via the Conservatoire website, social media and on Space 24 hours per day.
·       Inform users at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled downtime.
·       Send progress updates via Space with estimated resumption times when equipment or services are unavailable.
·       Publicise all late studio availability via social media
Make it easy for you to contact us in person, by email and by telephone
·       General contact details and contact information for key staff will be made available on the conservatoire website and on Space
·       The Studio counter will be staffed from 9am to 12.00am during normal term-time hours
We will respond to e-mail enquiries to the technician email; within one working day
We will respond to telephone enquires within 6 rings, after this it shall divert to voicemail. Voicemails will be attended to within 1 working day of message being placed.
Target: 99% achievement of the published standard, measured through inbox sampling of departmental Space pages email, and twitter accounts.
Welcoming, professional and helpful staff
All staff will be trained to deal with enquiries in a courteous manner and to refer enquiries that are outside of their remit to the appropriate person or department
·       Staff will receive a minimum of one hour of customer service training once a year
·       We will ensure that staff treat customers with respect and act swiftly and firmly against any form of discrimination
·       Our staff will be trained to handle complaints in accordance with our regulations.
Target: 97% achievement of the published standard, monitored through mystery shopper, customer journey customer comments received via What’s your view, audit during sample weeks.
The studio counter will be open according to the published times and you will not have to queue any longer than 10 minutes to be served.
·       We will acknowledge customers who are waiting for our attention and prioritise enquiries according to their complexity ensuring that customers do not have to wait more than 10 minutes.
·       Extra staff will be on call to help during peak periods.
Target: 97% achievement of the published standard, monitored through mystery shopper, customer journey and staff rotas, customer comments received via What’s your view,.
Some of our services will be subject to routine maintenance which is advertised online.
·       We will carry out planned preventative maintenance in accordance with the published schedule on room booker.
Equipment will be assessed within 2 working days of being reported faulty and processed within 5 working days
Ensure that we deal with requests for material efficiently, and that they are made available to customers as soon as possible.
·       We will order any urgently requested items within 1 working day of the request being received and make these items available within 1 working day of receipt.
Target: 91% achievement of the published standard monitored through daily visual checks, departmental monitoring smartsheet customer comments received via What’s your view, Space pages will be audited annually.  
Support documentation explaining how to use the studios and equipment will be provided electronically on Space
Where possible, all materials and communications will be paperless, encouraging sustainability; documents are printed double-sided by default, reducing paper usage.
Target: 91% satisfaction evidenced through survey results, visual checks during sampling weeks
We will acknowledge  and respond to all compliments, comments and concerns received through What's Your View in accordance with the conservatoires Customer Care procedure
We will hold an open forum once a semester where we will canvass user views of our service
We will hold staff student liaison committee at least four times per academic year
Target: 98% achievement of the published standard, measured through customer comments received via What’s your view, minutes and emails .

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