Fines and Regulations


You will be fined if you do not return your loans on time:

  • Microphones, Cameras and Recording Devices are charged at £5 a day.

  • All cables, Headphones and other accessories are charged at £1 a day.

Outstanding fines must be paid before you can borrow again.

Please speak to a studio technician as soon as possible if you have any queries or problems with overdue items or fines

You can pay fines in person at the studio and library counter. We do not currently accept cards at the studio counter, only cash.

Please be aware of Invoices

  • If you do not return you overdue items within 3 weeks, the replacement cost of each item is automatically added onto your account and an invoice is sent out to you.

  • Once items are returned, these replacement costs will be removed from your account and you will only pay the fines remaining plus a £5 admin charge.


How to pay a fine or invoice

You can pay off your fines at the studio counter up until midnight. You can also pay fines off at the library counter or reception where they take cards.

Damaged, Lost or Stolen items

  • If you damage a piece of equipment whilst in your care, please report it to the Studio Technicicians as soon as possible. Accidents do happen, and we would like to get the item fixed so it can be put back on the shelves. In the event that the item needs sending off for further repair, we may ask that you contribute to the repair costs a little. If you do not report it broken and leave it for someone else to find, it's possible that you will have to pay the whole repair costs, so it's better to report it.

  • If you lose an item, please report it to the Studio Technicians as soon as you realise. The sooner you report it, the sooner it can be searched for and hopefully avoid any acruing fines.

  • If an item is stolen whilst out on location, you must inform the police and get a crime reference number. Please report it to the Senior Studio Technician immediately. If no crime reference number is provided, then it is likely you will be issued an invoice for the replacement cost.

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