Borrowing Equipment

Any equipment you need for the studios can be borrowed from the Studio Counter, located on the ground floor around the corner from reception. As long as you have signed the Studio Agreement, you can use your student ID card to get what you need, in the same way you would get a book from the Library.

We have a huge stock of microphonescablescameras adapters and other items that will be useful to you in the studios and other rooms around the conservatoire.

It is not possible to reserve any stock under any circumstance. This is due to the high demand on the equipment, and to make it as fair as possible for all users across all years and courses.

Some Rules

  • Only the person that has booked a room can borrow the key unless it is a group booking where any member of the group can borrow it.

  • Anything taken out on your card is your responsibility until it is returned to the system. Please don't leave equipment unattended anywhere, including on the Studio Counter.

  • There are no restrictions on the number of items that you can borrow, but please remember that there are other users of studios that may need some of the equipment. If you are taking an extraordinary amount, the technicians may ask you what it is that you are doing.

  • All items must be returned to the Studio Counter at the end of your session. Please wait for all items to be returned to the system, so that any outstanding items can be dealt with as soon as possible. This may help avoid an unnecessary fine.

Overnight Loans

  • You are allowed to take out equipment on an overnight loan meaning you can record using our high end microphones in your own bedroom.

  • There is a limit of a maximum of 4 - 6 microphones for Location Recordings. There are exceptions that can be made, but this must be discussed in advance with the Senior Studio Technician.

  • All overnight loans must be returned by midday the following day. If an item is taken out on a Friday, then you may keep it until midday Monday.


Damaged, Lost or Stolen Items

  • If you damage a piece of equipment whilst in your care, please report it to the Studio Technicicians as soon as possible. Accidents do happen, and we would like to get the item fixed so it can be put back on the shelves. In the event that the item needs sending off for further repair, we may ask that you contribute to the repair costs a little. If you do not report it broken and leave it for someone else to find, it's possible that you will have to pay the whole repair costs, so it's better to report it.

  • If you lose an item, please report it to the Studio Technicians as soon as you realise. The sooner you report it, the sooner it can be searched for and hopefully avoid any acruing fines.

  • If an item is stolen whilst out on location, you must inform the police and get a crime reference number. Please report it to the Senior Studio Technician immediately. If no crime reference number is provided, then it is likely you will be issued an invoice for the replacement cost.

Fines and Invoices

You may receive fines for the late returning of items. To avoid this, make sure that everything is returned at the end of your session, and ask the technician on the Studio Counter to check for any outstanding items.

  • Microphones, Cameras and Recording Devices are charged at £5 a day.

  • All cables, Headphones and other accessories are charged at £1 a day.

You can pay for your fines at the Studio and Library Counters as well as Reception.

Please click here for further details on fines.

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