Recording Devices

Whether you want to record sound effects on the street, a music video in the park or simply record a rehearsal in case any new ideas are found there, the Studio Counter offers different devices to suit your needs.



We have different devices for different needs. Cameras, audio recorders and Location Recording Rigs.

The cameras we have are Sony HDR-MV1. These have high quality picture as well as fantastic sound capture, so perfect to film whatever you want. Then simply use the supplied USB cable to transfer the video off the device and onto your computer for editing.

For recording audio alone, we have the Zoom H5 Handy Recorder. These have adjustable sample rates so you can record things to match your already made sessions in Logic and ProTools. They have the added option of plugging in external microphones, giving you a very handy portable recording kit. Once finished, use the supplied USB cable to transfer your sounds onto your compuer.

The Location Recording Rigs are small, portable studios. Each one consists of an RME Fireface soundcard, a Focusrite Octopre, a Samson 4ch Headphone Amp and a Mac Pro running Pro Tools and Logic. You can take out up to 6 microphones as well (more if needed, but please contact the Studio Technicians in advance) so perfect for recording concerts or sessions outside of the studios.

Who can borrow them?

Any student of Leeds College of Music can borrow a Sony camera or Zoom, they are not restricted to one course. The Studio Technicians can give you a quick lesson on how to use the equipment in case you're not sure.

Devices for Staff

For in class assessments and for any lessons that need recording, the above equipment can be taken out by staff as well as students.

For official assessments, staff have use of the Canon Legria HF G25 camera, with the Canon DM-100 microphone. Please contact the Studio Technicians if you would like one setting up in advance of the assessment. 

Staff can also use the Roland R05 recorders for in class assessments. They are also used for all 1st and 2nd year official assessments, and will be set up in advance of the start time.

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