Library Provision and Support

for Users with Disabilities and Learning Difficulties

We aim to make our services as accessible as possible, and we also provide a range of services for students with specific support needs. For services accessible through the Library, please contact Mark Cadwallader – see the contact details below. Some services are only available via the Disability Support; please check with the college’s Student Disability Advisers (Laura York or Scott Sinfield) in Room 401 – or look at the Disability Support section here or on Space to find out about services they offer.

Assistance available in or through the Library

  • All members of the Library staff are happy to help users with specific needs to access our collection.

  • All PCs in the library have Zoomtext.

  • Many of the set texts are supplied as e-books in addition to the physical copies held by the Library, accessible via QR codes from the shelves.

  • 2-week loan books are issued for 3 weeks to students who require longer loans. Those eligible are identified to the Library by the Student Disability Advisers.

  • We have a stock of book chairs for use in the Library.

Fetch and Carry Service

If you require additional help in carrying Library items, we can provide a book trolley which you can collect and return from the counter. Help can be provided searching the catalogue, checking the shelves, fetching items, placing
reservations and requesting additional stock or inter-Library loans.

Requests for new stock

The Library will buy large-print copies of books and large print music (where available). Please specify that yourequire a large-print edition by typing ‘Large print’ under ‘Edition’. You will be contacted if a large print edition of the
item you requested is not available. Many set texts are supplied as e-books. Requests for other texts as e-books will be considered.

Following the Copyright (Visually Impaired Persons) Act 2002, in certain circumstances it is possible to make copies of copyright works in formats suitable for VIPs without prior consent from the rights holder(s). The CLA Licence also provides for the making of enlarged photocopies for
partially sighted staff and students. Please ask at the counter for assistance if required.

Photocopying and Printing

The photocopier and printer are supplied with white paper, and the Library keeps a supply of the most frequently requested colours, available at the library counter. If the Library does not stock the colour or shade you require,
please ask at the counter, specifying the colour or shade you require, and we shall endeavour to obtain it. In addition, we also have a stock of coloured overlays for use in the library, as an alternative, which are available at the counter.

Collection service

You can e-mail or phone the Library in advance and request Library items for collection at the Library counter.


Library Catalogue

The Library catalogue is accessible here or via Space, the college’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Accessible doors

The library doors are wide enough to allow ease of access and have full length viewing panels, and the floors are level throughout the library with no steps or uneven surfaces.

Let us know

If there is anything else that can be provided to help you with your studies, please contact either the Student Disability Advisers by e-mail or Mark Cadwallader by e-mail , by phone (0113 222 3499 ext. 6366) or in person (room 502), to discuss your requirements.

We want to help you make the best use of the Library and its resources.

Download a leaflet

This leaflet can be supplied in different formats upon request.

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