Library Zones

The Library is divided into zones for different types of study.

Quiet Zone

The majority of the library is a designated quiet zone.

We have study booths at the end of the computer cluster area where you can discuss work with another person/other persons. Please keep your conversations whispered and brief to avoid disturbing others.

Silent Zone

This is set aside for individual silent study and ideal for students who wish to work with no disturbance. There is no conversation allowed. Please let the counter staff know if you are being disturbed.

Postgraduate Suite

If you are a postgraduate student, the Library has a study suite especially for you. Situated towards the rear of the Library, the Suite has both group and silent study areas with several PCs.

You will need to know the combination code for the lock on the door. If you don't know this please ask at the library counter.

Report noise

If you are being disturbed by other people in the Library, please talk to any member of Library staff who will be available at the library counter.

General Rules

  • Electronic devices must be set to silent.

  • All users have a responsibility to respect the rights of others (both staff and students)

  • Food and drink - You are not allowed to take food into the library for reasons of hygiene and smell.  You can take non-alcoholic drinks in, but they must be in lidded containers to avoid smell and spills. If you do spill a drink accidentally, please report it promptly to a member of library staff.

  • No mobile phone alerts & conversations

  • No audible noise from headphones

  • Handle all library materials with care

  • Place litter in bins provided

  • Recycle if you can

Quiet Study Zones

Silent Study Zone

Postgraduate Suite

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