Making the right choice

If you're thinking of coming to Leeds College of Music but aren't sure if you're ready for degree-level study, or would just like to talk to a member of our professorial staff in more detail about what studying here is like, you can book an individual, one-to-one consultation session at a cost of £50 an hour.
You can use a consultation session in a variety of ways including:

  • to assess whether a conservatoire education is right for you 

  • as a mock audition/advice session

If you would like to arrange a consultation session, please inform us as early as you can, as scheduling is dependent on the availability of professorial staff.

It maybe possible to organise lessons with our London-based faculty at Steinway Hall London, should this be easier for you.
We will do our best to arrange consultation sessions outside of term time.


I’m not sure if I’m musically ready for a degree. Can you help?
Yes, if you book a consultation session with one of our professorial staff we can assess you to see how ready you are for undergraduate study. Whether you're thinking of applying for a BA (Hons) Music degree or the Foundation Degree in Music Production we can guide you towards the best level course for you.

When can I come for a consultation?
We can arrange consultation sessions for you from Monday to Friday; however, we do require as much notice as possible to ensure we get you the right teacher.

How long does a consultation last?
Consultation sessions last approximately one hour and are on a one-to-one basis.

What happens in a consultation?
During your consultation session we will advise you on your current musical standard, what you can do to improve and how best to prepare for an audition at the conservatoire. We can also arrange to give you a tour around the building, to give you a feel for life at the conservatoire.

How should I prepare for a consultation?
Prepare a piece you may have issues with. Let us know beforehand what the piece is and what issue you may have. This way, you and your teacher are better prepared for your consultation session.

Will I be asked to do exercises, like scales, sight reading or aural tests?
No, not unless you specifically request help in any of these areas.

What should I prepare if I'm thinking about pursuing a combined degree (e.g. Jazz with Popular)?
Come to your consultation with a clear idea of what you want from your session. Be as clear as possible about what issue(s) you may have, so you can have specific questions ready. It doesn't matter if you choose to perform on your minor or major instrument for your consultation session.

What if I need accompaniment?
We do arrange accompaniment, and we also allow you to use a backing track if desired. Let us know beforehand what the piece is and, if it’s a particularly difficult piece, please try to tell us as soon as possible.

Can I stay in touch with the teacher?
Yes – we encourage you to do so.

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