The Golden Age of TV at Sound City

Art-rock quintet The Golden Age of TV have been making some serious waves on the local scene, capturing the imagination of music lovers and gaining attention from BBC Introducing and Live at Leeds.  

Armed with brand new acclaimed single ‘DUST’, TGAOTV take on Sound City.  We caught up with bassist Andrew Edwards to get his take on how they’re getting ready…

How does it feel to be chosen for Sound City?

Andrew: Amazing, we've been working hard to earn this spot. The real challenge is going to be making sure we leave a mark on Liverpool and then carry forward that momentum.

How do you think Sound City will differ from other shows that you have done?

Andrew: It's not in Yorkshire, for a start- it's always interesting playing to unfamiliar crowds, and there's always a touch more pressure to make sure they remember our name. Sound City has a real 'this is the future' feel to it, so it's up to us to affirm that.

How and why did you get into music, and why is it so important to you?

Andrew: I think the reason we're all doing music is we're all trying to recapture the feeling we get when you hear your favourite song for the first time, or the energy felt when you reflect on your favourite shows. It's addictive, and it's a vicious cycle of experimenting, self-deprecation and brutal reflection. I love the music we make, but I think any artist can relate when I say I don't think we're ever going to be satisfied. 

What can we expect from your live show at Sound City?

Andrew: Gyrating hips, sweat, cats and grooves. I can't tell you the rest because quite frankly we've no idea; we never know anything more than the set-list. We've got a big variety of tunes to play, including 'Between Each Brick' and a new tune we're planning to release very soon- but you didn't hear that from me. 

Any other bands you’re keen to see, and why?

Andrew: Right now I'm in love with SaNTINO, who's coming over with us from Leeds. I've been a big fan of his sound for a while and I'm so glad he's been getting the attention he deserves. Ryan and I sat in on his live session over at BBC Introducing WY, and Santino can seriously perform- even in a small, quiet booth without an audience, he was still busting moves like a J-Pop Michael Flatley. His set on The Cavern Stage at Sound City is going to be as fantastic, no doubt.

What are you looking forward to most about your performance?

Andrew: I couldn't tell you, and that's what I love about it. Performing with TGAOTV is always unpredictable, we've broken gear mid-groove, laptop's go flying, fingers have bled. We always try something different every time we play, whether it's a different guitar pedal, throwing in licks, new sounds or props. We're always surprising each other, and that's what I look forward to every time we hit the stage.

The Golden Age of TV play The Cavern Stage at Sound City on Saturday 27th May as part of the Leeds College of Music showcase, 12pm-3pm

Check out the full line up of our Sound City showcase, here.

Find out more about The Golden Age of TV - Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

The Golden Age of TV

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