Star Staff: Daniel Green

‘Big Sounds From Small People’

Pop senior lecturer Dan Green is launching his debut album, ‘Big Sounds From Small People’, on Thursday 9 July at an intimate space in The Gallery at Munro House just around the corner from our home.
The project aims to cross the boundaries between visual arts, music and digital practices, and each song represents a different artefact that Dan came across in his life. It quickly developed from a 3-track EP to a full album, with music ranging from amusing to sensitive.
A multi-arts collaboration between Leeds artists, the performance consists of music played by a four-piece band, projections made by Dan ­and artefacts made by Split. Split also designed the lovely album artwork, and are curating The Gallery with a museum feel, the inspirational artefacts scattered throughout the space for visitors to investigate whilst listening to the music they inspired.
Here is Dan’s guide to the sounds and the artefacts:
1) Introduction: Travel Guide (train ticket)
Exploring the contrast between the beautiful and the everyday – the romantic and the banal.  The train ticket is innocuous, disposable, nothing of note and yet offers access to the experiences we treasure most – travel, adventure, love, family... as well as trips to and from the daily grind. 
2) Boxing Day (plate of cold turkey)
There are too many songs written about Christmas Day.
Boxing Day addresses the experience of drug withdrawal and 'come downs'. 
3) Four Digits (key pad)
Whether it is to unlock a mobile phone or withdraw money, the necessity of four digits to access all amenities, people and entertainment has infiltrated our lives.    
4) No More Love (flowers)
A tribute to Manchester-based composer, Vini Reilly. 
5) One Time Only (umbrella)
Exploring the protection that both bravado and naivety offer. The vulnerable can so often become the predator, the predator so often the vulnerable. 
6) My Global Village (beehive)
Inspired by a term coined by Marshall McLuhan, My Global Village is written about social media and the notion that we are in touch with more people, but speak less. 
The bee hive offers a simulation of the natural environment – the instinctual requirements, social structures, biological necessities remain intact. The inhabitants might not ever notice the difference from the inside, yet the hive ultimately gives up its spoils to the beekeeper, not the bees.
7) Link: Travel Companion (frog)
This musically links back to track one. The frog is the traveling companion. Ribbit. 
8) White Ceiling Light (white ceiling light)
The white ceiling light staring at during the throws of disengaged physical intimacy.
The passion and paranoia, intimacy and insecurity. The white ceiling light sees it all. 
9) Zenders (piano stool)
This final piece was played on Victor's family piano - a Zender piano. 

Keep up to speed with Dan and his project via Twitter.



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"The project aims to cross the boundaries between visual arts, music and digital practices... A multi-arts collaboration between Leeds artists"

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