New Year's Musical Resolutions

We all know that January is the time for good intentions and new resolutions, albeit often with best laid plans falling short of success. However, with a solid action plan in place, could this be the perfect time to focus your mind on what you’d like to achieve musically this year? Check out our handy list of musical resolutions for some extra inspiration...

Focus your mind

One failsafe way to make sure a resolution falls at the first hurdle is to pick too many things to crack. With this in mind, make a list of all the musical things you would like to achieve. Then cross all of them out except one. Try to make sure that instead of doing six things with mixed results, nail that one thing really well. 

Pick up a new instrument

Inspired by Brian Eno’s “Oblique Strategies”, try and create a piece of music using an instrument you can’t play. The impact of creating something outside of your comfort zone could lead you down a path you’d never imagined, adding a whole new dimension to your sound. The life of a musician is a continuous quest for knowledge, and you never know what undiscovered skills you might unearth when you try playing something new. It was good enough for David Bowie on “Boys Keep Singing”, so it is good enough for us.

Go and see more music

Even for the most avid gig-goers, there’s always scope to discover something new from a live performance. Branching out into a genre that you wouldn’t normally watch can add endless inspiration to push the boundaries of your own music. Make a resolution to go and see some new music, even if it’s from a genre that you don’t know or like. Want to see what's coming up at the conservatoire? Click here

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