LUNABLIND: We’ve only just turned a year old - we bought a cake to celebrate!

It’s been a stellar 12 months for LUNABLIND. The self-described ‘indie-dance’ crossover three-piece only formed in 2016, but have already garnered themselves a reputation as an exciting, up-and-coming Leeds band.

Originally a foursome, LUNABLIND are now a trio with a string of impressive live performances under their belt -  including gigs at the Brudenell Social Club, The Wardrobe, The Library and most recently Live at Leeds. With a second EP on the way in late 2017, it seems that LUNABLIND are on the rise.

Following their show at Live at Leeds – complete with a pack of dancing wolves (!) and a takeover of the LCoM Instagram account to boot, we caught up with guitarist and lead vocalist Sam Garbett, drummer Luke D’Aulerio, and bassist Harry Beech to get their take on what’s next for LUNABLIND…

Q: How did LUNABLIND get together?

Sam:  Harry and I lived together in first year, although we didn’t talk for the first half of it! After I went through a rough break up, I needed something to take my mind off it. We’d only had one conversation and got onto the topic of music when we were like “Let’s make a band, let’s just do something!”
Harry then brought in Luke and another guy called Nath, who was on the Popular Music course. We went to a practice room, tried to do some covers and basically it was just terrible - we thought “This isn’t going to work - we shouldn’t be doing this, we aren’t pop students!” But then we tried to write one song of our own in that practice - “Too Late” and that was the start of our EP.
Harry: Over the Easter holidays all four of us stayed in Leeds - we were in a band room writing music every day for three weeks, and made our first EP.
Sam: This was only last summer. We’ve only just turned a year old! We bought a cake to celebrate.
Q: You guys have just played Live at Leeds – how was the show?

Sam: Crowd-wise, I think it was really good. There were people walking past who would stop to listen. It was constantly building, so that was fun.

Harry: People seemed to enjoy it and most people stayed for the whole thing!

Sam: We’ve got an intro song that is pretty ambient and we didn’t know whether that was going to attract anyone. We were lucky enough that when people stopped to hear one or two songs, they stayed for more - which hopefully means they enjoyed it.

Q; How did you get your slot at Live at Leeds?

Sam: We were doing a gig at the Brudenell with Surfer Blood, it was organised by Futuresound and a rep overheard us at sound check. They saw us afterwards and said “Oh by the way, we’ve got a free slot at Live at Leeds, do you want to do it?” and we were like “YES!”.

For a good two weeks afterwards, we were sending them email after email because we thought they’d forgotten about us. We had started to think that it wasn’t going to happen, when out of nowhere he emailed confirming our slot!

Q: Was it the biggest gig you’ve ever done?

Luke: In terms of people, yes.

Harry: It was definitely one of the best platforms.

Sam: It was the weirdest gig of my life. Have you seen the pictures of the pack of wolves that were dancing along?! We still don’t know what that was about, not a clue!

Q: What’s your favourite venue to play in Leeds?

Harry:  The Wardrobe, as it’s got air conditioning!

Luke: The Brudenell Social Club is really good – the sound is amazing.

Sam: My favourite would probably be The Library.

Luke: I would say the Brudenell. Both rooms are really good in terms of the the size and the sound.

Q: What’s coming up next for LUNABLIND?

Sam: We’ve got our third single coming out. We’ll probably get that done by the end of May. We plan everything as we go along - there’s no timescale. We’re not signed so we don’t have to worry about that. Literally as soon as we’ve finished a track we’ll put it out.

At the moment we’re calling the EP ‘Vision’ (the name of LUNABLIND’s third single), but that’s a working title at the moment.

Q: What do you think is your biggest achievement so far?

Sam: I really like the fact that after we did our first EP, we sent it straight off to the Futuresound competition (to play Leeds and Reading Festival). Within two days, they invited us to come play the heats - and we hadn’t even got a set together at that point. We’d just done a four track EP and suddenly we were in a competition to play at Leeds and Reading! Unfortunately, we couldn’t play it in the end but the fact that we hadn’t even been a band for two months at that point and we managed to get that gig…we obviously can’t be that bad that if we managed to do that!

Sam Garbett currently studies BA (Hons) Music Production at LCoM, whilst Harry Beech and Luke D'Aulerio both study BA (Hons) Jazz.

Find out more about LUNABLIND - Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud | YouTube |

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